Celia Donne

What do people really value in their work environment?

You can’t grasp success without the right people. As the economy continues to grow and new business opportunities present themselves for dynamic British companies, the last thing those firms want is...


Summer need never end: work-life balance forever

School’s out, so how do you reconcile that with doing your job?


We shall work on the beaches, we shall work on the landing grounds, we shall work in the fields and in the streets, we shall work in the hills; we shall never stop working

Where do you prefer to work? The question is as fundamental as ‘where do you want to live?’ And the answer to either will depend on the individual as well as the requirements of the job.


What is required from the modern manager?

The expression 'control freak' has become horribly overused. There is one context, however, in which it remains an entirely appropriate term of abuse, and that is in the workplace, with those diehards...


Flexible working: a matter of trust

Imagine this. An adviser tells an employer that by introducing a working practice they could cut costs, reduce their carbon footprint, improve productivity and make life better for their workforce.


Family-friendly and flexible working – the new norm?

Recent research into attitudes to working mothers suggests it is time businesses started to embrace flexible working.