Beverley Sunderland

Superdry receives master class in the meaning of litigation risk

In the recent case of Rachel Sunderland v Superdry, the tribunal found that Ms Sunderland had been unfairly constructively dismissed, harassed and directly discriminated against on the grounds of age,...


Can you force employees back to work?

?The UK government has confirmed that from Wednesday 13 May those who are unable to work from home should be ‘actively encouraged’ to return to work.


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Outlawing NDAs isn't good for employees or employers

Generally speaking, both the employer and employee want confidentiality provisions in settlement agreements


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The government has set out proposals to increase rights for pregnant women and new mothers through protecting them against redundancy for six months after they return to work


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Anti-discrimination laws and the European Court of Human Rights

If the UK leaves the EU, will the ECJ and the ECHR have the final say on employment and discrimination legislation?


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Ex-Barclays chairman David Walker has put a sell-by date on CEOs, but how can you ensure this is managed in a legally-sound way?


Could poor management be causing the rise in 'bullying'?

A survey revealed that six in 10 employees have either suffered or witnessed bullying in the workplace


How the obesity ruling affects employers

It would be easy to think that an employer can discriminate on the grounds of obesity after reading some of the headlines around the Court of Justice of the European Union's latest ruling.