Bek Frith

LV='s award winning recruitment strategy

LV= transformed its recruitment from 'post and pray' to a strategy that won an HR Excellence Award


Parents should get apprenticeship information

Parents could have an outdated view of what an apprenticeship involves and its worth


Digital connectivity adding to sleep crisis

Round-the-clock access to technology could be one of the key factors in the nation's sleep deprivation crisis


One in six have taken time off to care for an elderly relative

Employees are calling for benefit providers to offer support and guidance for people with caring responsibilities


Paternity leave policies becoming more inclusive globally

Organisations are expanding leave policies to include fathers, part-time employees and caregivers of parents


Allow women to attend cervical screenings during work

GSK, Middlesbrough Council and NHS England support a new campaign to raise awareness of cervical cancer


Mixed age groups make for happier employees

Research from McDonald’s finds the opportunity to work with people of different ages is a top priority


Almost half of parents work overtime to cope with workload

A third (33%) of employees say doing unpaid overtime is part of their organisation's culture


Women still missing out on pay and promotions

Last year 14% of men in management roles were promoted compared with only 10% of women


Candidates' social media profiles influence hiring decisions

Only 48% of Brits are conscious of how their online reputation might look to a potential employer.


Businesses should be aware of ‘continuous candidates’

So-called ‘continuous candidates’ are always looking for their next opportunity, even while employed


STEM A Level entries only show small increase

Entries into STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) A Levels have only risen by 0.61% since 2012