Long term health condition

Pandemic forces half a million more people out of workforce

Workforce inactivity is struggling to reach levels experienced before the Covid-19 pandemic, according to the latest data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Long-term sick workers reach record 2.5 million

Businesses have a duty of care to all their employees, as the total number of workers in the UK dealing with long-term sickness reached a record high 2.5 million by July 2022.

ONS data exposes older workers driving talent shortages

Older people are falling out of the labour market at a high rate, often due to long-term ill health.

As Long COVID rates climb, how can employers support their staff?

While we’re by now, sadly too familiar with the devastating impact of COVID-19, there is still relatively little known, or indeed talked about when it comes to Long COVID.


UK Long COVID sufferers top two million

As cases of Long COVID escalate, so have the questions around how employers should respond and where their reasonabilities start and end.

Long COVID sufferers need support

If Long COVID goes untreated or is ignored by employers, employees may continue to suffer with symptoms for longer than necessary, medical care provider RedArc has warned.

Low-paid workers may get statutory sick pay

Two million low-paid workers may be entitled to statutory sick pay for the first time under proposals that the government hopes will encourage more people with disabilities and long-term conditions...