Job quality

Young people struggle to find quality jobs post-pandemic

While employment is booming, new research suggests that the pandemic has seriously impacted the quality of jobs available to young people.

Workers' rights body launched

Workers will be given greater protections as a result of the formation of new body according to the government, but details remain unclear

Job quality rated higher at co-operatives

Co-operatives and employee-owned businesses may be more resilient in times of crisis because they have higher job quality and better management practices, according to research

Stress undermining job quality

Over-work, stress and poor work/life balance are undermining attempts to improve job quality in the UK, according to research from the CIPD

Report sets out how work quality should be measured

Job security and workplace mental health should be monitored by government, according to the Measuring Job Quality Working Group?

Job quality in an hourglass labour market

As mid-level jobs are moved abroad or automated, the UK is left with an increasingly hourglass-shaped labour market, with little mobility. How did we get here, and who's going to fix it?