Employment tribunal

Royal Mail sued over drivers' gig economy status

Royal Mail is being sued by drivers that it has classified as self-employed, meaning they are not entitled to holiday pay, sick pay or minimum wage. 

Offer menopause support or risk discrimination claims, says new guidance

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has issued new guidance on menopause for employers.

Worker who bumped into boss on holiday wins tribunal

A worker who bumped into his boss while on holiday in Portugal has won his unfair dismissal tribunal.

Does the employment tribunal backlog call for a reboot?

The backlog of employment tribunal cases, worsened by the pandemic, is showing little sign of easing according to employment lawyers.

Royal Mail to pay record £2 million to bullied whistleblower

Royal Mail has been ordered to award former media specialist Kam Jhuti more than £2 million in compensation after a tribunal found she had been harassed and intimidated.

How HR can survive the tribunal jungle

It can be difficult to predict the outcome of an employment tribunal, so it’s important to understand how to maximise your chances of success.

Saying ‘I’m done’ is not a resignation, rules tribunal

A costume factory supervisor who handed in her keys in and said she was “done” whilst in an anxious state did not resign and was unfairly dismissed, a tribunal has decided.

Bank of Scotland employee fairly dismissed for year off sick

An employee signed off work for almost a year was dismissed fairly by his employer, the employment tribunal has found.

Stress ruled a disability in Amnesty International tribunal

A woman who was dismissed from her job as a senior campaigner for Amnesty International has won the first stage of an employment tribunal, allowing her to pursue a claim that stress she endured...

Bus driver with Asperger's wins payout after harassment campaign

A bus driver with Asperger’s syndrome has won more than £30,000 in compensation in an employment tribunal after being harassed and repeatedly victimised.

Gig workers given go-ahead in backdated holiday tribunal

An employment appeal tribunal has allowed 45 medical couriers to pursue a claim for unlimited backdated holiday pay.

Weetabix loses constructive dismissal case over ‘bullying’ boss

A former Weetabix employee has won his constructive dismissal case against the cereal firm after he resigned twice over his boss’ profane management style.