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Matthew Syed, Journalist, writer and broadcaster

Matthew Syed is one of the world’s most influential thinkers in the fields of high performance and cultural change

He has worked with some of the world’s leading organisations to build a mindset of continuous improvement.

Syed is the author of four bestselling books – Bounce, Black Box Thinking, The Greatest, and a new book for children, You Are Awesome. He is a multiple award-winning journalist for The Times and a highly-acclaimed speaker who regularly contributes to radio and television.

Syed explores a thought-provoking approach to high performance in the context of a complex and fast-changing world. He draws on a vast array of case studies and real-world examples across sport, business, education and politics. He looks at the inside story of how success really happens – and how we cannot grow unless we are prepared to learn from our mistakes.

Before becoming a writer, journalist and broadcaster Syed was the England table tennis number one for almost a decade, three-times Commonwealth champion, and twice competed for Great Britain in the Olympics (in Barcelona in 1992 and Sydney in 2000).

Syed has designed a digital diagnostic tool, a digital learning platform and a cutting-edge thought leadership programme that is proving to be a catalyst for lasting change within business and the public sector. This programme is delivered either online or by Syed’s consultancy team. He also works very closely with schools and educational bodies to help improve mindsets in teachers, education leaders and young people.

By understanding the intimate connection between mindset and high performance all organisations can unlock untapped potential in individuals and teams, driving innovation, agility and resilience.

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To enquire about Syed's thought leadership programme contact his consultancy team at speaking@matthewsyed.co.uk