Annette Kelleher, Chief HR officer, Johnson Matthey


Annette Kelleher joined Johnson Matthey in early 2013 to lead the group’s human resources agenda

She is responsible for steering the people strategy across the global organisation as it moves into its third century. Johnson Matthey is an organisation with a long and wonderful heritage, being selected as Britain’s most-admired company in 2014, where its people strategy reflects its long-term approach to innovation, customer focus and people development.

Since joining Johnson Matthey, Kelleher has been instrumental in re-shaping the company’s approach to growing talent capabilities at all levels in a way that builds on the organisation’s culture of sustainability and long-term development. During recent years she has overseen focused leadership development, in conjunction with the London Business School, for Johnson Matthey’s future leaders. In addition, her team have a lot on the horizon for leadership development this year with the introduction of a new mid-level programme for managers, a redesign of the global managers’ programme, and a suite of executive masterclasses. These will be supported by a new digital and mobile-enabled social learning platform that will provide managers with greater access to diverse and just-in-time leadership content.

During the past year Kelleher’s team led the way in employee engagement across JM, building a programme of education following the results of the company’s first ever global engagement survey, involving all of its employees.

In addition, her team managed the development and rollout of a CareerPath framework and a global grading structure across the four major global sectors of Johnson Matthey. This will form a great foundation for further developments.

Prior to joining JM, Kelleher spent the majority of her career with Pilkington Glass where she held a number of challenging roles within both the businesses and corporate, including director of global HR operations, VP HR automotive worldwide, head of group talent, and head of group remuneration.

Following the takeover of Pilkington by NSG (Nippon Sheet Glass) in 2006, Kelleher had the opportunity to spend significant amounts of time working in Japan and southeast Asia, and led much of the HR integration for the organisation.

In addition to her current role, Kelleher is an NED of Hill & Smith Holdings, where she chairs the remuneration committee. Previously she was an NED of the Tribunal Services.

She spends time sponsoring and coaching young adults who have an interest in potentially developing their careers in human resources.

She holds an MSc in HR management and a 1st-class BA in business studies, both of which she achieved while working full time.

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