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Webb calls for government department for 'ageing society'


Pensions minister Steve Webb has called for the formation of a new government department to deal with all issues affecting pensioners.

Speaking at an event organised by think tank the Resolution Foundation, Webb proposed the creation of a “department for pensions and ageing society” to manage policies that are currently dealt with by a number of different departments.

He argued that the current structure led to policies being “siloed”.

“If you’re going to see the whole person, rather than just a silo, the current government structure doesn’t work,” he said.

“If we had a department of pensions and ageing society we could move to a system based on individuals.”

This new department would be able to look holistically at issues such as labour market change, and social trends such as divorce, he said.

Discussing his achievements while in office, Webb said that pensions auto-enrolment has been a “triumph”, but there are still a “raft of things” that need to be addressed, such as tax relief.