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Waitrose introduces filtering tool to ensure highest calibre of graduate candidates

Waitrose, the food retailer, is using a new online recruitment tool with the aim of ensuring the highest calibre candidates progress through to its graduate selection centres.

This year, Waitrose has received over 2500 applications already for its graduate scheme.  

By introducing Graduate DILEMMAS from A&DC, the graduate recruitment team hope to efficiently filter out less suitable candidates and ensure those getting to the centres have the potential to succeed as future store managers.

Anglie Johns, manager recruitment services at Waitrose, said: "We anticipated an uplift in applicant numbers this year and therefore wanted to introduce a new, robust selection tool to our graduate assessment process, to address the challenges of the recruitment market and the growing numbers of applications."

Graduate DILEMMAS is an online situational judgment test that assesses graduates' judgment and decision-making skills in relation to common work situations.  It is used to sift candidates quickly and easily online, based on an overall judgment score.

The scoring of Graduate DILEMMAS has been tailored to reflect ‘what good looks like' for graduates within Waitrose. Store managers with detailed knowledge were asked to complete Graduate DILEMMAS and indicate how effective candidates should respond. Based on their responses, A&DC created a bespoke scoring key for the company.