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Top tips from the HR Excellence Awards judges

Want to know what the judges look for in a HR Excellence Award entry? We brought together former judges to explain what makes a good entry shine.


David Frost, people and organisational development director, Dole:

"An entry needs a clear link to the overall organisational strategy - the policy needs to make sure it benefits the entire business.

"It also needs clarity on what problem the programme has solved. The entry should have clear evidence of adding measurable value - and remember to use as many metrics as possible.

"We look for innovative thinking and approach - something genuinely different and exciting. This is the HR Excellence Awards, so we are looking for excellence."

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Melanie Steel, founder, People Change Expertise:

"If it’s a new strategy, policy or change that has been implemented, the entrant needs to have given it enough time to show the benefits - not just the fact they have introduced it. 

"The entry also need to be underpinned with data and feedback not just from HR but from managers and employees where possible. How did the change make them feel? 

"There needs to be evidence of the wider success, particularly connections with local communities and local businesses. 

"I would love to see entries where they have truly piloted, experimented, and shared what went well, what didn’t go well, how they changed things and then rolled out across the organisation and adapted for different business units."

Check out what you need to supply under each of the different categories here: HR Excellence Awards categories


Liz Sebag-Montefiore, director and co-founder, 10Eighty: 

"As a judge I'm looking for clear, measurable objectives, creative and effective implementation, and demonstrable results that relate to the original goal. 

"I look for a company which shows exceptional commitment to delivering the very best in X category, demonstrates best practice and shows an innovative approach in its delivery. I also consider the structure, presentation and clarity of each entry.


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