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Recession highlights fundamental lack of trust in senior management

More than eight out of 10 employees (81%) do not trust the leadership of their senior managers.

According to a report from the CIPD,  a third of staff (29%) want failing senior managers to stop receiving rewards and bonuses to rebuild lost trust.

The CIPD finds only a quarter of employees say managers consult them about important decisions. More than half (53%) think meaningful and honest communication is the best way of improving trust in management while a third of employees (30%) think having of a voice in the workplace would make them trust their bosses more.

Redundancies have also had a massive impact on trust; 70% claim redundancy programmes have damaged morale in the workplace and 27% say they are less motivated because of them.

Ben Wilmott, senior public policy adviser at the CIPD, said: "Failing senior chief executives and directors should not be financially rewarded when they leave organisations if their leadership has contributed to poor business performance. ‘Rewards for failure' are contributing to a deep-seated sense of unfairness among employees who feel they have been less well treated. This needs to be addresses if trust in senior leadership teams is to be rebuilt."