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New Graduate Opportunities service launched to help students improve their employability

Tribal has launched a package of technology and services to help universities deliver the new Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) and improve their students' employability.

Tribal’s new Graduate Opportunities service will use live validated information on students’ achievements from university records to match qualified candidates with jobs and courses. The information is also used to help students develop an up-to-date profile using trusted measures of employability.
Using an online portal as soon as they have registered students can begin to develop an online employability profile, noting their academic achievements, strengths, skills, experience and capabilities. Over time, they will be prompted to complete online psychometric and other tests to show their reasoning ability, working style and to identify what kinds of jobs they might be suited for.
With their permission, students and graduates will be matched to graduate level opportunities using objective criteria developed by recruiters, employers and postgraduate study providers.
It is hoped the service will also enable employers and recruiters to identify students and graduates with the right skill mix for each specific role or organisation, identify the best candidates earlier and faster and enable them to reach more students in more universities without the usual costs associated with building relationships with each institution
John Gledhill, director for higher education at Tribal, said: "Universities are under increasing pressure to demonstrate what they are doing to help their students prepare for the workplace and deliver on the requirement to publish HEARs from next September’s intake.
"Tribal’s Graduate Opportunities package will help universities to prepare these reports without administrative burden and at the same time help their students to improve their employability, identify the types of careers that suit them best and be discovered by potential employers."

Pauline McDonald, head of careers and employability at Swansea University, said: "Our partnership with Tribal provides a significant breakthrough in extending the recruitment and vacancy services we offer to students and graduates and to a wide range of opportunity providers."