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Mobile working grows in popularity among UK employers


Mobile working is now a mainstream part of many companies’ flexible working programmes, according to a report from Regus, the global workspace provider.

Regus polled more than 2,700 professionals in the UK and 65% reported they are now required to work more on the move than in the past.

In part, this is driven by the increasing numbers of firms trading with partners and customers overseas, which often necessitates foreign travel. Over a fifth (21%) of domestic firms in the UK reported in Regus' previous survey that they intend to expand overseas in the next two years.

In the UK, more companies now trade and employ workers outside of their own region, inevitably involving a higher degree of mobility.It is becoming less common to find the traditional office set-up where all staff are required to work regular hours in one fixed location - mobile working has become business as usual.

Regus has started a new partnership with Dutch train operator, NS, to open Regus business lounges at train stations across the Netherlands.

Tim Waterhouse, VP, international HR director at US healthcare company Cepheid is based in the Regus centre in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. He travels on business regularly across Europe and said: "Business has undoubtedly become so much more international over the last couple of years, accelerated by technology and the realisation that this is key to sustainable long-term business growth. It doesn't always make sense to take permanent office space in every market where we do business , so we have workspace with Regus in the UK and Germany, but for other territories we have used their business lounges and meeting rooms. It's very important to have on-demand access to a professional working environment wherever you travel, because image is everything to your customers, plus it's about keeping yourself productive between meetings.

"The new plans to open business lounges on motorways or in train stations is a great move and will undoubtedly cater to the needs of today's business travellers."