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Millions of workers have left it too late to take 2010 holiday entitlement


British workers have an average of 4.7 holiday days left to take this year, with one in 10 (12 %) still having 11 or more days left, according to research by travel price comparison site Travelsupermarket.com.

The research suggests that, while most employees plan to take most of their holiday before the year is out, logistical reasons mean they are likely to have difficulty securing this time off due to the sheer volume of holiday days remaining. Colleagues who have already booked time off before and over the Christmas period compound these problems.

More than half of employees (52 %) aren’t allowed to carry holiday days over into the next year, the research suggests. So with employers now requiring anything up to a months’ notice for time off, many could have missed the boat already and find that they have lost out altogether.

According to the study the Welsh are best at taking their holidays, with an average of just 3.4 days left to take while the Northern Irish are the worst with an average of 6.6 days of holiday left this year.

The research also revealed that the older you are, the more likely you are to have time off left to take; 18-23 year olds have on average 3.7 days left, while those over the age of 55 have a whopping 6.5 days left.  And out of those over 55, more than one in six (17.5 %) have eleven or more holiday day’s remaining.

Bob Atkinson, travel expert at Travelsupermarket.com, said: "Many workers are likely to end up disgruntled having found that they can’t actually take the holiday that they had been saving up over the year.

"It’s a misconception that employees have the right to take their holiday as and when then want – in most cases it is dependent on it being approved by their superiors and in December, many will find that this won’t be."