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Mercer and Oxford University join forces on a global online training programme for HR professionals

Mercer has launched an online training and certification programme with worldwide peer networking for HR professionals and companies worldwide.

Every training module will be delivered by a team of Oxford academics led by Professor Gordon Clark, University of Oxford, and Mercer staff from 16 countries.

The programme consists of 33 online training sessions organised into six topic modules, with five training sessions per module. Three of the modules cover topics such as global policy-making and governance, global growth and performance drivers and global mobility. The remaining three modules cover specific regional and country HR, employee benefit and compensation trends and best practice in Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.

Clark said: "The year-round, 24/7 online access to this Global Online Training programme allows flexibility in the learning process. There are no time constraints. The flexible modular programme design provides an opportunity for HR professionals in specialised roles to access only the training modules and sessions appropriate for the scope of their responsibilities."

HR professionals worldwide access the Global Online Training programme through a secure, restricted website. The curriculum is updated on an annual basis.

There is an optional certification if users pass an online test for each training module. In addition, participants can gain access to worldwide peer networking and interact with other global professionals in order to share experiences and continue the development process.