Leadership is the top L&D priority for 2012, according to Video Arts

Leadership development is the top priority for learning and development teams over the next 12 months, according to a survey published yesterday by training firm Video Arts.

A total of 417 learning and development professionals were asked about the training they provide, how it is delivered and their plans for the future.

Leadership development comes out as the top priority for organisational learning in the next 12 months, after 61% of respondents identified it as something they intend to provide. The other key priorities for learning, revealed by the survey, are people management, coaching, teamwork, customer service, time management and change management.

Classroom training remains the most popular form of delivery, used by 90% of organisations. 85% use video clips; 49% create their own 'self-authored' e-learning, 45% buy-in e-learning resources from specialist providers and 11% use mobile learning as part of their L&D strategy.

Martin Addison, CEO of Video Arts , said: "Although the take-up is still relatively small, mobile learning is the fastest growing medium for training. This reflects the interest in learning on-the-move, using hand-held devices such as smartphones and tablets. L&D teams are predominantly using m-learning to reinforce the messages from classroom training or e-learning.

"The evidence shows that e-learning courses are used more widely for 'hard skills', such as IT training, compliance and health & safety, whereas video is used more for 'soft skills', such as leadership and management skills, customer service skills and professional skills.