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Job satisfaction is highest in the financial sector


Employees in the global financial services sector are the most satisfied with their jobs.

According to research from Infogroup and ORC International, despite the impact of the recession and the resulting negative press, employees within financial services have the highest employee engagement index at 63%.

The sector also scored highest on the healthy workplace index, demonstrating that engagement within the sector is the most sustainable.

Sally Winston, divisional manager of employee research at ORC International, said: "Although employees within the financial services sector have had a rough time in recent years, our findings show that companies in this sector are managing to keep their employees engaged through providing all of the key ingredients needed for a healthy, sustainable, productive and motivated workforce."

The 2010 Infogroup Perspectives survey explored healthy and sustainable employee engagement on a global scale, defining engaged employees as ones who are advocates for their organisation, committed to staying there in the future and going above and beyond their usual duties to achieve their organisation’s goals.

Demographic analysis of the results showed that of the 59 questions included in the survey, employees within financial services scored significantly more positive on 53 questions.

In particular, financial services employees are more positive with regard to the following: managers motivating and inspiring them to do their job; confidence in their leadership team; satisfaction with their benefits package; satisfaction with the opportunities to get better jobs within their organisation; and believing actions to implement business strategy are developed and communicated well within their direct work environment.