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HR workers are among the unhappiest employees in the UK, according to a City and Guilds Career Happiness Index


The findings, released today by vocational training organisation, City and Guilds have found that HR professionals are some of the unhappiest across the UK workforce.

The Career Happiness Index 2012 looks into what people in the UK consider to be the most important factors contributing to their happiness at work. 

The index found that among HR workers it was also bankers and IT professionals that were also the least happy in the workplace.

On the same day that deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg is set to announce the right to request flexible working to all employees, the report found that 54% of HR professionals claim there isn't enough flexibility in their job role.

Half of the HR professionals surveyed believe that there is little or no scope for career progression and only 36% said that they feel they are satisfied with the career progression where they are working.

The Index claims that despite HR professionals being paid well, these high-pressure jobs don't provide workers with enough fulfillment.

Overall, the Career Happiness Index shows that people in vocationally trained and skills-based jobs, such as hairdressers, gardeners, plumbers and electricians, were happiest - 65% compared to 58% of those in largely academically trained, office-based jobs.

Nick Bradley, group director at City and Guilds, said: "Having a happy and motivated workforce is essential to boosting productivity and the recovery of the UK economy."

The data is from an October 2012 online survey of 2,179 UK employees.