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HR Excellence Awards 2011 - Best talent management strategy: Capgemini

Consultancy Capgemini employs more than 100,000 people across the world – so a robust talent management strategy is vital to attract, retain and grow the best people for the business.

In 2010, Capgemini UK Outsourcing business, headed by Anita Tilly, HR director; set out to identify potential talent, by coaching its managers to grade their reports on a four point scale, ranging from 'consistent' to 'next generation' leaders of the future.

Following a 100% completion rate from the line, Capgemini set about building talent pools, developing a succession plan, identifying the best employees for critical roles and looking to demonstrate a return on its investment in talent.

It opened a 12-month-long apprenticeship academy to help staff achieve an NVQ Level 3 diploma in software development, as well as a graduate academy into which it took 11 employees in 2010.

In addition, Capgemini introduced a people development exercise programme, with a two-pronged approach: to develop people recently appointed as leaders, as well as a more advanced path for senior management. This includes internal and external training, backed up with an end-of-programme assessment.

For staff in junior grades of the business with a drive to succeed, Capgemini launched an accelerated development academy, which combines formal training and mentoring. Last year, 18 employees took part and 41% of them have since been promoted. There is also a leadership academy in place, which starts employees on an MBA programme from Warwick University.

For the higher management echelons of the company, Capgemini offers an executive programme in Paris.

To participate in any of the academies or courses at the company, candidates must also go through a rigorous assessment centre - which acts as development in itself - and unsuccessful employees also receive detailed feedback.

Having measured the results, employees as well as the business are reaping the benefits of the investment in learning and talent management, with engagement scores recording a 4% increase from 2009 in the percentage of staff who feel their job offers the right personal development opportunities for them to be effective.

The systematic approach Capgemini devised and the extensive metrics it used for talent were of particular interest to the awards' judges. The panel felt the initiatives were cleverly targeted and segmented.




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