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Employers lose 10 working days on average per year on interviews

Employers spend an average of 10 working days a year interviewing, 16% of the working week travelling to meet candidates and £3,286 a year reimbursing candidates’ travel expenses, according to a report published this morning.

The survey of more than 500 recruiters reveals the impact of out-of-date, recruitment processes on businesses.

The research by Cammio online video interviewprovider has revealed a significant drain on time and resource when innovative technology allows recruiters to interview over video link at a time that is convenient to them and preferred by the job seeker.

Additional Cammio research also shows 50% of candidates prefer interviews to take place outside of working hours, underlining the importance of video interview capabilities for recruiters.

One in four recruiters stated in a typical interview they sometimes make a decision about whether to hire the candidate within the first five minutes with more than half (53%) having thought 'why did I invite you' before the interview even started.

Despite this, the average interview lasts 25 minutes, which means recruiters drag out the process when they could meet more candidates for shorter online interviews and get a good impression on the candidate.

Walter Hueber, CEO of Cammio, said: "For many businesses, managing interview processes continues to be an expensive and time consuming task. All too often, staff and candidates struggle to coordinate meetings due to busy work schedules, a problem that can be completely eradicated by video interview applications. With today's technologies, an interview can take place anytime, in around 15 minutes, at any location with an Internet connection."


The poll also revealed despite the fact that a just under a quarter (23%) of recruiters would interview more candidates if they had the time, over half (55%) claim they often can't schedule more in. Nearly one in five (17%) cited it is often difficult to arrange first round meetings because candidates are already employed and this could be attributed to them having difficulties taking time off from work.


Walter Hueber, CEO at Cammio added, "With tough economic conditions, businesses are actively competing for talent and poor quality interview processes could put organisations at a disadvantage."