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Eight in 10 candidates recount poor recruitment experience

Candidates who have a bad experience during the hiring process go on to tell others, such as friends and family. In the long term this can have a negative impact on employer brand.

Eight out of 10 candidates who are unhappy with a recruitment experience will recount it to at least one person, according to research exclusively revealed to HR magazine. 

The survey of 2,000 job applicants, compiled by Shortlister.com, suggests that people tell on average three of their friends about their negative experience. One-third said they vent to friends and family about their experience. Only 6% said they use social media to discuss the process. 

Shortlister.com CEO David Dewey said employers can damage good PR and brand image work if they get the recruitment process wrong.

“The interview process and communication around it offer a great opportunity to enhance a firm’s reputation, as well as a huge threat to brand image if HR processes are poor,” he said.