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Does HR need standards? Take part in the research


HR magazine wants to know what the HR community thinks about the development of HR standards.

Is it a good thing for the profession and business in general, or will it create unnecessary bureaucracy? Are standards inevitable or should there be push-back? And crucially, if HR standards are inevitable, what kind of areas should they cover? What would values-and principles-based standards for HR (as the British committee is working on) actually look like?

That's why HR magazine is launching a research project to find out what our readers think. The research will be carried out in association with Silverman Research.

These results will be published in an edition of HRmagazine early next year. We will share the results with those involved in the BSI and ISO committees, who will take the feedback of the HR community on board as they develop the standards.

To take part in the research project, click here. Also keep an eye on the HRmagazine website (www.hrmagazine.co.uk) and Twitter feed (@hrmagazine), where we will be publishing the latest news in this area and initial research findings.

The BSI technical committee is also still looking for more members from the industry to assist with the development of the HR draft standard. According to Hayes, the BSI found the HR sector relatively tough to engage with at first.

To find out some HR directors think click here. And for more about getting involved with the BSI technical committee on HR standards, click here