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Deloitte won't raise its A-level requirements for graduate recruits

Deloitte has refused to impose higher requirements for students' A-level results, despite the competitive job market.

Yesterday saw the highest ever standards of A-level achievement, with more than a quarter of entries achieving the highest A grade, but accountancy firm Deloitte believes increasing its entry requirements could disadvantage some applicants.

To be eligible for the firm's graduate scheme, applicants must hold three A-level B grades and a 2:1 university degree.

Sarah Shillingford, graduate recruitment partner at Deloitte, said: "With so many young people gaining top grades at A level, and the graduate job market getting more and more competitive, some graduate employers may be tempted to impose higher requirements for students' A-level results.

"However, at Deloitte we have decided against this, as we feel it can disadvantage some students, depending on the school that they have attended. While this inevitably gives us a greater number of applications to assess, we feel it enables us to judge people on a range of skills and achievements that go beyond their school grades and helps to create a level playing field.

"While it is true that a solid academic background is necessary, we also place importance on the skills gained through work experience and extra-curricular activities.

"As a business, we recognise that we are only as good as our people, making it imperative that we make strenuous efforts to identify the talented individuals who can make a difference to our clients."

The firm employs approximately 1,000 graduates every year.