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Complexity, time and funding the biggest barriers to setting up an apprenticeship scheme


Exclusive research by HR magazine has found complexity, the level of time required and access to funds are the main things stopping companies setting up an apprenticeship scheme.

While larger companies cite lack of time as the biggest barrier to setting up a scheme, smaller companies say they are put off by what they perceive as high levels of complexity and bureaucracy.

“Smaller businesses find it hard to navigate the system,” said Jason Holt, CEO of the family-owned Holts Group and founder of not-for-profit social enterprise Holt's Academy of Jewellery, who led the recent Government review on Making Apprenticeships more Accessible to Small and Medium Sized Enterprise.

“They have an out-dated view of apprenticeships and are in dark about where to go. That’s a missed opportunity because it can create huge business growth opportunities.”

In the first HR Lunchtime Debate, three experts - Holt, James Watts, VP of HR and chief people officer for KFC UK, and Harmajinder Hayre, employment partner for HR Legal Service – discussed the issues surrounding apprenticeship schemes in a live webcast.

Audience members were invited to take part in live research surrounding the topic. Of those taking part in the research, 47% said they currently offer an apprenticeship scheme, while a further 35% are either in the process of setting up a scheme or are considering doing so.

The full results of the HR lunchtime debate on apprenticeships will be revealed in the November issue of HR magazine.