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Colleague relationships are bigger factors in job satisfaction than pay and training, research reveals


Employees value the relationship with co-workers above training and career development opportunities, according to a survey published this week.

A poll by job review site TheJobCrowd found just under a third of 520 workers surveyed, believe having a good relationship with colleagues is the single most important factor in determining job satisfaction.

The poll asked respondents who had been in a new job for less than two years what factors had been most important in ensuring they were happy in their role, with 29% stating that a good relationship with their colleagues was key.

Also important were the opportunities for career progression (20%), stimulation of the role (19%), level of responsibility (15%), company culture (9%) and opportunities to develop through training (8%). None of the key factors were proven to be solely financial.

Keren Mitchell, managing director at TheJobCrowd said: "A lot of people think all people entering new roles care about is how much money they make, however these results show they couldn't be further away from the truth.

"Graduates and young professionals reported that the relationship with their colleagues was the single biggest factor in determining job satisfaction. "Many graduates will not have worked in large organisations before so having a supportive and friendly team around them will give them a huge boost in enjoying their day-to-day role.

"One thing that the results clearly show is that the majority of factors which increased happiness at work were not financially motivated, with employees who were able to better themselves and develop likely to be amongst the most satisfied."