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Childcare voucher standards body opens for business


Tomorrow will see the launch of The Childcare Voucher Providers Association (CVPA), the industry body to represent Employer Supported Childcare providers and to promote best practice within the sector.

The CVPA will ensure carers, parents and employers receive the highest standard of service from childcare voucher providers.

With its establishment, the CVPA sets out a code of practice for its members, with particular emphasis on the required standards to ensure the secure delivery of parent's voucher funds and to protect the integrity of their personal data. In addition, members have a duty to demonstrate to the CVPA that these standards are maintained on an ongoing basis.

The launch of the CVPA comes at an important time for businesses and the childcare industry.

Supporting working parents with high quality childcare that is secure and accessible is critical to the revival of the UK economy, the association believes. Childcare voucher companies play an integral role in this initiative and the CVPA will act to ensure that parents, employers and childcare providers are effectively and efficiently served by its member organisations.

Fiona Shields, chair of the CVPA, said: "The launch of the CVPA and the publication of the code of practice mark an important moment for the childcare voucher providers industry. By coming together to drive forward best practice, members of the CVPA are demonstrating their commitment to providing both parents and carers with the highest standards of service. The establishment of the CVPA will help ensure the successful and effective continuation of the childcare vouchers scheme and its role in developing a vibrant and diverse childcare sector."

Purnima Tanuku OBE, chief executive of National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA), added: "NDNA welcomes the launch of the CVPA and we hope that it will help remove some of the common problems in the voucher system. Nurseries understand the value of childcare vouchers to families and how crucial they are for parents in ensuring that work pays. The CVPA sets out the minimum standards that parents and childcare providers can expect and we hope that voucher companies will accept the CVPA as an industry standard and work to ensure that they meet these. We look forward to the CVPA Code of Practice being implemented by voucher companies and hopefully hearing feedback about how this has improved the experience of vouchers for both families and nurseries."