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Agile working improves productivity and recruitment

Businesses can see significant gains in recruitment and retention as well as productivity if they adopt agile working

Research carried out by talent management firm BPS World shows that 67% of agile businesses report significant boosts in productivity – up to 10% in some cases – while 10% reported a 20% increase in productivity since adopting agile working.

Furthermore, 84% said it was much easier to hire skilled staff and 10% labelled 'the office' as an outdated concept.

The study carried out in March 2017 attracted responses from 1,250 senior decision makers from industries such as accountancy, banking, hospitality and leisure, as well as consumers, in full- or part-time employment.

Founder and MD of BPS World, Simon Conington said that agile working should not just be seen as an employee perk.

"We found that agile working benefits employers in some unexpected ways. However, skills shortages are affecting the ability of employers to operate, and these will be made worse by Brexit.

"Many employees regard agile working as a very attractive option and any organisation offering it is likely to find it much easier to bring on board the skills and talent they need."

The quantitative and qualitative research is included in a new book, The Agile Revolution, that explores the range of impacts adopting an agile working ethos can have and looks at benefits such as reduced carbon footprint, as well as recruitment, retention and productivity improvements.

It also explores the potential pitfalls and challenges and gives practical advice to employers through contributions from experts including futurologist William Higham, change management and collaboration practitioner Leon Benjamin, brand strategy and business development expert María Eugenia Girón, as well as a raft of other HR experts and senior decision makers.