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Adams: BBC was right to sack Clarkson


The broadcaster's former HR director Lucy Adams called it a "brave decision"

The BBC was right to sack controversial Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson after he punched a producer in March, the organisation’s former HR director Lucy Adams has said.

Adams, who is managing director of Firehouse and founder of HR consultancy Disruptive HR, told HR magazine: “Removing someone so high profile was a brave decision. But by firing him the BBC has shown staff it is taking bullying seriously.”

She added businesses must set an example from the top.

“You can have policies, training, processes, statements from the board – but if you don’t take action over senior bullies then it counts for nothing,” she said. “You can say you have a zero tolerance attitude towards harassment, but if you allow people to behave in a ‘kiss up, kick down’ way you may as well not bother.”

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