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Rewards and benefits in the workplace


Rewards plays a huge part in encouraging positive behaviours and cementing values in the workplace. In addition benefits can play a huge part in motivating, retaining and attracting employees. HR explores the different subjects surrounding reward.

It’s certainly true pay is a touchy subject. As the UK takes its first tentative steps out of recession, tales of executive excess are still hitting the headlines. And stories are still emerging about how UK wages are failing to keep pace with inflation, leaving many employees struggling to save for the future or even, in some cases, cope with the present.

As employers search for innovative new benefits, are the providers able to keep up? Younger employees can become disengaged with what they perceive as 'irrelevant' benefits, such as pensions, and HR directors need to think creatively to offer benefits that appeal to the entire workplace. The guide featured gives a broad spectrum of the different benefit and reward strategies out there and which are the best and most effective. 


Under Scrutiny

Concerns surrounding the upper echelons of executive pay continue to grow. But HR can play a key role in influencing key decisions involving top-level pay structures, reports NICK MARTINDALE.


A-Z of reward and benefits

KATIE JACOBS runs through the alphabet to suggest the best and most effective reward and benefit strategies. 


The benefits roadmap

Choosing a benefits provider is one of the biggest financial commitments an HR department has to make, but with so many choices out there, how do you get it right? STEVE HEMSLEY gives a step-by-step guide.


Reaping the benefits

Employers should give special attention to employee benefits so they can meet the needs of their workforce while improving retention levels and reputation. HR directors tell KATIE JACOBS about the innovative reward schemes they offer staff, and the one benefit they wish they could provide. 


The pay scheme debate

The Government’s plans to move towards performance-based payment progression in the public sector have been met with a mixed response. ANNIE MAKOFF looks at the pros and cons of performance-related pay. 


Under pressure

The current climate has thrust executive compensation into the spotlight and this article explores the effects that compensation pay-outs can have.