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Rewards and benefits in the workplace


Rewards plays a huge part in encouraging positive behaviours and cementing values in the workplace. In addition benefits can play a huge part in motivating, retaining and attracting employees. HR explores the different subjects surrounding reward.

It’s certainly true pay is a touchy subject. As the UK takes its first tentative steps out of recession, tales of executive excess are still hitting the headlines. And stories are still emerging about how UK wages are failing to keep pace with inflation, leaving many employees struggling to save for the future or even, in some cases, cope with the present.

As employers search for innovative new benefits, are the providers able to keep up? Younger employees can become disengaged with what they perceive as 'irrelevant' benefits, such as pensions, and HR directors need to think creatively to offer benefits that appeal to the entire workplace. The guide featured gives a broad spectrum of the different benefit and reward strategies out there and which are the best and most effective. 



What really counts?

SARAH RONAN investigates which benefits your employees really care about.


Under Scrutiny

Concerns surrounding the upper echelons of executive pay continue to grow. But CEOs are increasingly having their pay linked to key stakeholder interests, DOMINIC BERNARD reports.


Making benefits inclusive?

NOSA OMOIGUI reports on the lack of LGBT+ inclusion in many companies' benefits offerings.


The future of benefits

CAROLE HATHAWAY writes in for HR on the changes we'll see in the benefit landscape.