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The logistics behind offering corporate gym membership and subsidised sports facilities to employees as a benefit

Healthy bodies equal healthy minds, which is why many organisations are reaping the benefits of offering corporate gym membership, or access to a gym on-site. Around 20% employers offer staff access to subsidised gym or sports facilities as a core benefit, while 31% do so on a voluntary basis.

On-site gyms are becoming more popular with blue chip organisations as a way to attract and retain talent, despite the costs involved. They cost about £60,000 to set up and between £50,000 and £60,000 a year to run. Charging staff can cover some of the costs.

If having a gym on-site isn’t possible, you can negotiate deals with external providers. Discounts tend to be 10-30% off standard rates. Employees can pay the discounted rate up front, or as part of a salary sacrifice scheme.

The main providers of corporate gym membership include Fitness First, LA Fitness, David Lloyd Leisure, Nuffield Health and Virgin Active.