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How HR professionals can build a personal brand

Personal branding is important for career management. In the competitive world of business having a personal brand, standing for something is a useful, if not essential, way to differentiate yourself.

Successful managers recognise the importance of a marketing plan to help their organisation meet its objectives, and you should do the same for yourself. A strong personal brand can rev up your career and boost your business success. As an HR professional, that goes for you and your colleagues.

The rise of social media means that potential employers, recruiters and hiring managers are increasingly reviewing the personal and professional social media profiles of candidates. This means that building your own brand profile will be more important than ever in 2014.

However, many HR professionals spend relatively little time thinking about how to develop their personal brand.

Here are some tips on how HR professionals can develop their own credible and sustainable brand.

First, ask yourself:

· What are the key strengths or skills you want to be known for and how are you currently perceived? Are you happy with these perceptions?

· What are the important professional aspects that you want other people to recognise and associate with you?

· When you think of the image you want to project, is it both credible and sustainable? What is valued in your organisation?

· How is your style or way of working different from your team members? How would you like it to be different?

Successful brands are built on strength – they don't try to paper over cracks

You need to first define your X-factor, as successful brands set you apart from your competitors in some way. There are two aspects to brand appeal: one is rational and tangible and relates to what you do; the other is emotional and intangible and relates to how you behave.

The first is important because it relates to your professionalism. But it is the second that is the differentiator. How people respond to you at an emotional level is what will cause you to stand out.

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