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Bad ad - Pizza Hut (now Pasta Hut)


Pizza Hut has a lot to say but seems to lack any idea of how best to say it.

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Now here's a small ad with a lot to say. And it's all summed up in a pseudo -border-style ad headed 'There's no place like Hut'. Is that it? Apparently new owner Yum! Brands (great name) has Pizza Hut restaurants in more than 100 countries and now they're taking the UK ones to the 'next level'. There is an exciting brief in there somewhere but it seems to have appeared as 'There's no place for an idea'.

I know I've banged on about this before but why do some people give up being creative if the ad size is small. This doesn't just apply to the printed world - look at some of the appalling banner ads you see online. There is a great idea to be had here but the creative team, agency or client would rather put a synopsis of the brief out as a communication rather than a great persuasive idea. Shame really.