Six ways to maximise HR’s return on investment in a downturn

With the economic climate shifting business’s priorities, HR budgets are usually first on the chopping block. But there are still ways HR teams can maximise budgets to make the most of what they’ve...

Quick wins to help workers with soaring cost of living

The cost of living crisis is likely to get worse before it gets better, meaning HR will be relied upon heavily once again to keep anxious employees happy and connected, writes Nosa Omoigui

Autumn budget 2022 pledges tax freezes and wage boost

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt gave his budget announcement to parliament today (17 November), as he officially announced the UK is in the midst of a recession.

Unison demands higher fuel allowance for public sector workers

Trade union Unison has called on the government to increase mileage rates for public sector staff who rely on their cars for work.

Cost of living leads workers to opt out of pensions

More workers are opting out of workplace pension contributions as the cost of living continues to soar.

Cost of living exacerbates winter job cuffing

UK businesses should look to capitalise on 'job cuffing', where candidates look for jobs to see them through the winter before seeking new employment in the spring, according to jobs website...

What to expect from the September mini-budget

Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng is due to announce a mini emergency budget tomorrow (23 September) as the new government makes its first attempt to address the UK's cost of living crisis.

Cost of living driving low paid workers to food banks

More than half (56%) of low-paid workers in the UK have had to use food banks in the last 12 months, according to research from the Living Wage Foundation.

HR to support employees despite energy cost cap

Last week, prime minister Liz Truss announced a cost of living support package which included capping typical annual household energy bills at £2,500 for the next two years.


How can HR support employees during cost of living crisis?

Prime minister Liz Truss announced yesterday (8 September) the government's plan to help UK residents with energy bills - but what other measures can companies take to support their employees through...

HR priorities for next prime minister

Today, Liz Truss became the new leader of the Conservative party and the prime minister of the UK. Here we examine which HR issues should be at the top of her agenda.

UK workers' ability to afford comfortable life plummets

There is a widening gap between what people are paid and what they need to earn to live comfortably, according to research from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF).