Rhys Wyborn

The dangers of being too open about pay

Pay transparency has slipped to a six-year low in the UK, with reports suggesting that only 60% of job adverts in 2022 disclosed the offered salary, down from 64% in 2021.


Life after furlough: are government job schemes enough?

With the furlough scheme having now come to an end, the government has announced additional support for employers in the form of an extension to the Plan for Jobs. Moving forward, it will be down to...


Weathering the storm: what HR should know in light of lockdown 2.0

Following a spike in COVID-19 cases, the government’s second national lockdown is forcing pubs, restaurants and non-essential shops to close once more.


Switching off an ‘always-on’ culture

For a full ‘right to disconnect’ approach to emails to work it must become part of UK law