Jan Levy

Make your experiential learning process real

Too often experiential learning exercises bear little resemblance to life. Jan Levy argues it is important to keep experiential learning real to unlock its full effect.


It’s time to wise up about skills-based volunteering

Everybody’s talking about it. Out with the paint brushes, in with the brains. Goodbye DIY skills, hello business skills. No more “rooms getting smaller” (what happens when a charity’s premises are...


Why 'giving back' is missing the point

What is a business charity partnership for? For most people on the business side, partnerships with non-profits are an opportunity to give – money, time, leadership expertise, commercial insight. So,...


Let’s stop volunteering

It is time to face up to the fact that volunteering is no longer the right way to engage employees in communities.


'CSHR make a difference': When charity begins at work

Walk past the HQ of an investment bank in London a few weeks ago and you might have noticed something odd – a demonstration of sorts, outside the entrance, the campaigners cordoned off from employees...


After the riots, what next for community engagement?

The decade: the 1980’s. The scene: urban riots in the inner city, from Brixton to Toxteth. The reaction from business leaders: a realisation that the disenchantment and violence being seen in...


CSR and the sharp end of business

Community engagement has for too long been seen as the soft side of CSR. Now smart managers are finding a new use for community engagement - winning business.


Beyond the basics: taking business charity partnerships to the next level

While business charity partnerships often revolve around fundraising and volunteering, any partnership worth its salt nowadays needs to go way beyond these basics.


Make a difference: Charity partnerships must do more than merely satisfy HR objectives

Partnerships between businesses and charities are supposed to be based on mutual benefit, but many companies treat charity partners like suppliers. They do so at their peril.


An organisation's CSR activity must be rooted in its overall purpose

In his first column for HR magazine, Jan Levy argues that an organisation without a clear remit to create value for society, not just its shareholders, will ultimately fail in its community...