Jabbar Sardar

Why has it taken a pandemic to care about people?

“It’s all about our people”, organisations say. But why has it taken a pandemic to make wellbeing or working flexibly a priority? The key is culture, honest leadership, new ways of working, and...


How HR can support gender diversity at senior level

Quotas are not the way forward for increasing diversity at senior level, but HR has a role to play


HR must encourage open and honest dialogue about mental health

In 2011, mental health became the biggest single cause of staff absence in the UK. Despite this, not nearly enough has been done to minimise the significant impact mental ill-health has on both our...


HR is failing to engage employee hearts and minds

True engagement means leaders have to focus on creating the right culture


HR needs to up its game

In 2011, Gartner predicted that by 2015 more than 70% of the biggest global companies would use gamification in at least one application. Now Capita has recently said only 41% of organisations are...


HR needs to reinvent performance management

HR has failed to build performance management systems that benefit the organisation and its people.


How HR can use CSR to connect with young people

There is a mismatch between the perceptions of employers and young people about work. HR must step in and bridge the gap, or we risk a lost generation of unemployed or underemployed young people.


What will the 'next generation' HR function look like?

The coming of age of Ulrich’s HR business partner model this year has inevitably brought it under the microscope of HR professionals and commentators. The debate continues about what the ‘next...


Gaps between strategy and operational delivery are risky business

Excitement might be building in Brazil ahead of the FIFA World Cup this summer, but early preparations are also continuing in Qatar, which in 2022 will become the first Middle Eastern country to host...


Cafcass HRD: Is HR using technology efficiently?

Have you noticed technology has pervaded (or should that be invaded?) every aspect of your life? So how are we, as HR professionals, capitalising on this and ensuring we use technology to support our...


Cafcass HR director: HR has 'frequent inability' to be entrepreneurial

HR has arguably had a more turbulent history than any other core business function. The one constant, though, is that HR has long failed to be a strategic influence in the same way other departments...


A rise in public-private partnerships will force both sectors to work together

According to the Government, public-private partnerships are a means of fuelling economic growth. So it’s timely to ask: what are the enduring barriers to effective working between the two sectors?...