Frank Douglas

Diversity, equity and inclusion heads need consistency

I am a black, male, former chief people officer (CPO) in the UK – and the only ever black male CPO in the FTSE 100.


Hot topic: Diversity quotas

PwC has announced plans to ban all-male shortlists to boost the number of senior women


Hot topic: Greater pay transparency, part two

Human capital

What issues does greater pay transparency throw up for organisations, and how can they address these?


Why HR needs its own SEAL Team Six

Most of us have heard of highly trained special forces troops that operate outside ‘normal‘ military channels. They are used for quick response and solutions. With CEOs becoming ever more demanding,...


Beyond gender diversity: Don’t forget the ‘tinted ceiling’

Focusing on gender diversity is important, however the processes, mindsets, historical context and resulting barriers that hold back women are the same as those that hold back ethnic minorities and...