Patrick Lencioni, Founder and president, The Table Group

Patrick Lencioni is one of America’s pre-eminent thought leaders on topics related to leadership, management and teamwork at the executive level

He is the author of 11 best-selling books translated into 33 languages with more than five million copies sold.

Lencioni is founder and president of The Table Group, a consulting firm that has worked with hundreds of world-class companies such as Southwest Airlines, Chick-Fil-A, Microsoft and Cisco. The widespread appeal of Lencioni’s leadership models has yielded a diverse base of speaking and consulting clients, including a mix of Fortune 500 companies, the military, non-profits, schools, churches and professional sports teams.

Lencioni addresses thousands of leaders each year and has been named one of the nation’s top five business speakers according to the Wall Street Journal.

Named in Fortune magazine as one of the ‘10 new gurus you should know’, Lencioni and his work have been featured in USA TODAY, Bloomberg Businessweek and Harvard Business Review, to name a few. He’s been a contributor to Fox News, Fox Business, MSNBC, NBC and ESPN.

Prior to founding his firm he worked as a corporate executive for Sybase, Oracle and Bain & Company. He lives in the San Francisco Bay area with his wife and four sons.