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MoD rejects damning report on Services recruitment tactics

<p>The Ministry of Defence (MoD) denies reports that it is misleading potential new recruits by glamorising life in the army.</p><p>The <i>Informed Choice? Armed Forces and Recruitment Practice in the UK</i> report lambasts army recruitment advertising, saying it fails to point out the risks associated with such a career. </p><p>The survey reveals that seven-year-old children are being targeted by recruiters, making Britain the only EU state to employ such tactics. It also says that recruiters rarely meet the parents of minors. </p><p>But the MoD refers to the report as incorrect, ill-informed and out-dated. A spokeswoman for the Government said: The Services do not target people under the age of 16. Our recruitment practices avoid glamorising war. Anyone considering a career in the Armed Forces is presented with clear information and all aspects of service life are discussed in detail. </p><p>But author of the damning report, independent researcher David Gee, said: The Armed Forces promise recruits more than they can deliver, so thousands end up wanting to leave. A more honest approach to recruitment will ensure that those who join do so for the right reasons. </p>

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