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HR jobs market picking up pace for 2013 as confidence returns, Reed survey reveals

Confidence is returning to the HR jobs market, as more than a third of workers (39%) look for new roles in 2013 and job opportunities continue to rise year on year, according to a report published today by recruitment firm Reed.

Reed's HR 2013 Salary and Market Insights report, which surveyed 1,500 employers and employees, also found three-quarters of HR workers feel secure or very secure in their employment.

The report says that this sense of security, coupled with the growth of job opportunities over the past year, has given the UK workforce renewed confidence.

The report reveals that the jobs market has grown for the third successive year, with 32% more positions on offer now than in January 2010. It says this indicates that businesses are feeling secure enough to invest in their workforce.

It also shows that more than half (56%) of HR employers are worried about staff moving on to seek better opportunities, despite nearly two-thirds (63%) of employees saying they are satisfied in their current role.

In response, the report says, HR employers have increased the financial rewards given to employees, with staff entertainment up 18%, bonuses up 7% and pay rises up 6%.

Gert Nzimiro, divisional manager, Reed HR, said: "The jobs market is a good indication of the mood of business, and the increase we have seen in HR job opportunities over the past year indicates confidence in the sector.

"HR employers are feeling confident to invest in talent and it is encouraging that this has now translated into confidence for workers to look for new roles too."

Nzimiro added: "While it is clear some HR sector employers are concerned about losing talent, it is important to remember that a buoyant jobs market presents opportunity.

"Employers wanting to hold on to talent should ensure they are investing in staff through training and promotion opportunities, and those that are looking to recruit can be confident that the available talent pool has widened."