HR Excellence Awards 2011 - Most effective recruitment and retention: LV=

Insurance provider LV= recruited 1,300 staff in 2010 alone and with hiring aspirations of that magnitude, a coherent strategy was a must. But the company wanted to reduce the reliance it had on agencies and increase its number of direct hires.

So, in 2010 LV= launched its biggest recruitment drive ever. The company worked tirelessly to find profiling of the demographics in the areas where it has offices and then saturated those areas with job advertising.

It took out billboard posters across areas it wanted to recruit in, with slogans reading 'My career is on the right path' and 'Our people make the difference'. It placed posters on bus stops in recruitment areas and interested members of the public were able to take pictures of the images on their mobile phones and text the pictures to LV=. They then received a personalised message from a member of staff about what it's like to work at the company, as well as a text message from the HR team with details of roles available and how to apply.

The HR team also worked with the marketing department to produce brochures promoting the career journey, employee referral programme and leadership schemes at the company.

LV= also increased its employer brand awareness through social media, tweeting news about jobs and company updates.

For applicants, the recruitment website has been designed to allow prospective hires to make an informed decision as to whether LV= is the right place for them to work before applying and managers have been given the autonomy to control their own hires; more than 300 have been sent on a course giving them a 'licence' to recruit.

A year on from the launch, LV= has reaped the benefits of its plan. Previously, 75% of recruitment came through recruitment agencies, but now 80% of new recruits come directly to LV= and this has saved the company £1 million in the past year alone.

Judges called the campaign "engaging and fun" and were especially taken with the strong brand representation throughout the scheme. They thought the use of text messages to communicate with candidates as well as the research into demographics was impressive.



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