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Gen Y employees seek flexible independent working over traditional corporate jobs, study reveals

Most young people (84%) in traditional corporate jobs want to quit in favour of more flexible independent working, a study published today has found.

The survey revealed that among Gen Y employees who were still at regular nine-to-five jobs, "freedom in the workplace" was the top reason they wanted to quit.

The study Millennials and the Future of Work was conducted by online workplace oDesk and consulting firm Millennial Branding. It surveyed 2,000 Gen Y employees worldwide and found a real desire to follow independent career paths due to the freedom and flexibility these jobs provided.

Gary Swart, CEO of oDesk, said: "We believe the barriers of industrial-age work and simply do not make sense for businesses that want to get more work done or for workers who are demanding more freedom. No one today wants to be confined to a cubicle."

More than half (61%) of those surveyed said they were likely to quit their job within two years. Some 38% would recommend pursuing a "promising start-up opportunity"versus completing a "traditional university degree".

Dan Schawbel, founder of Millennial Branding, said: "This signals a major shift in our economy and how we manage our careers.

"Entrepreneurship is now accessible to everyone regardless of age or occupation. You don't need to own a business to be an entrepreneur, but you do need the entrepreneurial mindset to be successful in business."