How to support diversity, equity, and inclusion with technology: a leadership discussion

Diversity, equity & inclusion (DE&I) has been top of mind for HR leaders for years.

Yet many organisations still have a lack of diversity within their workforce, despite well-intentioned programmes and initiatives. The events of 2020 have put increased focus on this topic and challenge all of us to increase our contribution.

In this webinar, thought leaders discuss how technology can aid diversity, inclusion and equality and why this issue needs to be invested in properly to make permanent changes in our organisations. It will look at how advanced technologies including artificial intelligence can help.

SAP’s webinar will touch on:

  • How to mentor and encourage talent within teams
  • Recruitment processes and how they hinder the path to leadership
  • Unconscious bias awareness and changing behaviour via tech
  • Bias in data sets and how AI can help us find new talent
  • Building a culture where different personalities can flourish

Click here to download the webinar.