Jane Sunley

The new HR playbook

Breaking people strategy into 12 manageable chunks could help manage today's volatile, uncertain and complex world


Employee values that mean business

Last week I met with a prospective client and the conversation turned to the importance of values and culture within business.


Private sector should beware of blinkered approach to public sector hires

According to a survey of 500 companies carried out by Barclays Corporate and the Financial Times (February 2011), more than half (57%) of private sector companies in the UK say they are not interested...


Apple post-Jobs: the importance of succession planning

It is never too early to starting planning for the future, because you just don't know when something unexpected will throw you off course. Take the news from Apple, for example. CEO Steve Jobs is...


Successful organisations know in detail about the competencies and skills of their workforces

It still surprises me today that many businesses in the UK do not have access to good quality, in-depth metrics around talent within the workforce. With as much as 70% of a company's value based on...