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For all professionals whose work involves helping groups improve their processes and effectiveness. This programme develops your intervention and relationship skills. It will increase your confidence through skill development and a greater understanding of the group dynamics involved. It has been running since 1994 in a continually developing form. Over 1,000 professional facilitators have attended. The programme is available both in-house and as an open course (next dates: March 16th - 19th 2010).

It gives you practice in the interpersonal skills of managing a group, along with an in-depth understanding of interventions and how to make them effective.

The course mixes lots of practice with enough theory to provide you with a solid understanding of why you do what you do and most importantly it builds your confidence through extensive feedback on your facilitation style. The course is designed to walk the talk and to provide a living example of facilitation that can be examined and questioned as it proceeds. It uses the experiences of those attending to build upon the learning supplied in the programme.

Over the 15 years it has been running people from an extensive range of businesses and backgrounds have attended. People with all levels of experience and requirements. HR professionals, learning and development mangers, occupational psychologists, consultants, project managers and many more.

The programme demystifies group dynamics in order to help facilitators find their way through the life of a group. It clarifies and explores the role of emotions within a group working together and unpacks the skill of confronting obstacles to effective group performance within group and individual behaviour.

The programme runs over four days which can be divided into two two day modules. It is a demanding and intense programme and is designed specifically for those who have a professional interest in developing their skills in working with groups.

It is run both as an in-house programme and then twice a year it runs an open course.
The website is detailed and informative and any specific queries will be fully answered by Nick Eve.

Contact Nick Eve, nick@elementsuk.com, 01544 230059

URL address: http://www.elementsuk.com/fdp.html

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