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'Trust gap' remains around flexible working

Hywel Roberts, 17 Dec 2014

More than one-quarter (28%) of employers still don’t trust their staff to work flexibly, according...


MPs back equal pay transparency bill

Hywel Roberts, 17 Dec 2014

A bill to give the government powers to force big business to reveal their gender pay data was passed...


UK pay still among lowest in Europe

Hywel Roberts, 16 Dec 2014

British base-level professional pay is still among the lowest in Europe's top 15 economies, despite moving...

Firefighters' pension plans pass Commons vote amid protests

Hywel Roberts, 16 Dec 2014

Controversial plans to raise firefighters' pension age have passed a vote in the House of Commons despite...

How to break out of the low pay, low productivity cycle

Stephen Bevan , 15 Dec 2014

Despite the good news around 
employment figures, the UK still seems to be stuck in 
a low pay, low...

Staff remuneration at Christmas

Daniel Peyton, 15 Dec 2014

Christmas is a time for giving, especially to those employees who have been particularly nice and added...

Workers on zero-hours contracts earn less than permanent staff

Hywel Roberts, 15 Dec 2014

Staff employed on zero-hours contracts earn on average around £300 per week less than those on permanent...

Labour would make use of migrant labour to undercut wages illegal

Hywel Roberts, 15 Dec 2014

A Labour government would make it a criminal offence to undercut wages with migrant labour, party leader...

Mental health care still poor

Hywel Roberts, 15 Dec 2014

Research finds staff do not rate company mental health strategies as highly as their employers do.

UK firms must make fitness accessible for staff

Malcolm McPhail, 12 Dec 2014

The health and fitness industry has matured a lot over the past 25 years. We need to make sure it stays...

UK to return to real wage growth in 2015

Hywel Roberts, 11 Dec 2014

British workers are set for a boost in 2015 as real wage growth returns for only the second year since...

How to make your wellbeing investment work harder

Andy Philpott , 11 Dec 2014

Next year employers will invest more than ever in health and wellbeing for the people in their organisations....

HR's role in safeguarding children

Donya Pourzand, 10 Dec 2014

The focus on the role of HR in safeguarding children has increased dramatically in the past 10 years....

One in four regular food bank users in low-paid work

Hywel Roberts, 08 Dec 2014

Up to one-quarter of those who regularly rely on food banks are in work but on low wages, according to...

UK wages have had biggest fall in G20

Hywel Roberts, 05 Dec 2014

British employees have suffered the biggest real-term fall in wages of all workers within the G20, according...

Why mental health matters

Genevieve Glover, 05 Dec 2014

Mental health in the workplace is gaining increased interest from employees, employers, the media and...

Executive incentive structures 'crude and simplistic'

Hywel Roberts, 05 Dec 2014

Incentive structures to determine executives' bonus pay are unsophisticated in their approach, according...

What next for board pay?

Mirit Ehrenstein, 04 Dec 2014

Last year the government introduced a new voting and disclosure regime on board pay for UK quoted companies....

‘Jobs tax’ abolished for employers taking on young apprentices

Hywel Roberts, 03 Dec 2014

Employers will no longer have to make national insurance (NI) contributions when taking on apprentices...

Wellness rises up corporate agenda

HR Editorial, 03 Dec 2014

Health and wellbeing is rising up the business agenda, with companies thinking about it more strategically,...

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