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Further NHS strikes planned for November

Hywel Roberts, 30 Oct 2014

Staff across the NHS will strike for four hours on the morning of 24 November, according to union Unite....


More auto-enrolment fines to come, warn experts

Hywel Roberts, 30 Oct 2014

Employers who do not take pensions regulations could face more fines for not complying with auto-enrolment...


'Smart drugs' in the workplace

Karen Dale, 30 Oct 2014

Performance-enhancing drugs may be banned in many competitive sports - but not in our increasingly competitive...

'Rush to recruit' leads to drop in productivity

Hywel Roberts, 29 Oct 2014

Employers recruiting larger numbers of new staff following the financial crash have put UK workplace...

Lloyds confirms 9,000 job losses to aid 'digitalisation'

Hywel Roberts, 28 Oct 2014

Lloyds Bank has confirmed it will reduce its workforce by 9,000 and close 200 branches as it aims to...

Employers 'considerable way' from tackling mental health issues

Hywel Roberts, 28 Oct 2014

British businesses are still failing to take effective action on mental health despite widespread coverage...

UK falls eight places in gender equality rankings

Hywel Roberts, 28 Oct 2014

Women in the UK have seen their wages fall by an average of £2,700 over the past year – leading to...

Low-paid risk 'being left behind', says TUC

Hywel Roberts, 27 Oct 2014

Research revealing that 5.2 million British workers are now low-paid demonstrates an increasing disparity...

How to support men with cancer in the workplace

Joy Reymond, 27 Oct 2014

Work can be important to many people with cancer because it provides a sense of normality, purpose and...

Companies under pressure to reduce health benefits costs

Hywel Roberts, 24 Oct 2014

Almost half (49%) of companies are under pressure to reduce short-term costs on employee health benefits,...

Public sector wellbeing budgets being ‘decimated’, says Cooper

Arvind Hickman and Hyo Adams, 23 Oct 2014

Health and wellbeing budgets have been ‘decimated’ throughout the public sector in recent years,...

Professional wage growth to extend into 2015

Hywel Roberts, 23 Oct 2014

Wage growth in professional services roles is set to continue into 2015, according to research by professional...

Self-employed workers need more support, warns Bevan

Hyo Adams, 22 Oct 2014

Self-employed workers are not able to access the support they need, particularly for health and wellbeing,...

Cary Cooper: HR must stay focused on NHS wellbeing

Cary Cooper, 22 Oct 2014

Let’s dispel a myth about the recent NHS strikes; the willingness to protest doesn’t contradict the...

Half of women consider choosing career over family

Hywel Roberts, 21 Oct 2014

Half of childless women are so concerned about the risk children pose to their career progression that...

Lack of wellbeing culture 'frustrating'

Hywel Roberts, 21 Oct 2014

Having to make the business case for wellbeing due to a lack of an employee care culture can be frustrating,...

Civil servants to receive equal parental pay

Hywel Roberts, 20 Oct 2014

Both male and female civil servants will be entitled to equal parental leave pay from April 2015, deputy...

Living wage debate heats up

Hywel Roberts, 20 Oct 2014

The living wage is a contentious issue in business and parliament. But why are SMEs reluctant to join...

Motivating innovation: why you shouldn't throw money at it

Richard Murkin, 20 Oct 2014

Business leaders agree that innovation is vital to the success of their business, but there’s confusion...

Egg freezing sends out wrong message on gender equality

Arvind Hickman, 17 Oct 2014

Businesses that are serious about promoting gender equality should focus efforts on providing agile workforces...

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