Employee Benefits


Fit for Work: Is it fit for purpose?

Jonathan Tilley, 16 Apr 2015

The Fit for Work scheme is meant to be simple, but experts are predicting issues for both businesses...


Liberal Democrats pledge to extend shared parental leave and free childcare

Katie Jacobs, 16 Apr 2015

The Liberal Democrats have pledged in their manifesto to extend shared parental leave and free childcare...


Labour: We would let grandparents share parental leave

Katie Jacobs, 16 Apr 2015

The Labour Party would consult on allowing grandparents to share in parents’ unpaid parental leave...

HR should focus more on "life stages", says EHRC deputy chair

Jenny Roper, 15 Apr 2015

HR professionals must focus much more on “life stages”, rather than superficial characteristics such...

How can we kickstart investment in human capital?

Stephen Bevan , 15 Apr 2015

At certain stages in the economic cycle it is widely regarded as important that as many employers as...

Labour manifesto pledges improved workers’ rights

Jenny Roper, 14 Apr 2015

The Labour party has pledged improved workers’ rights in its election manifesto, now officially launched....

Consumers more likely to use Living Wage employers

Katie Jacobs, 14 Apr 2015

More than half (58%) of people say they are more likely to use the goods and services of a company if...

Supporting parents to return to work ‘critical’ HR role, says Bank of America Merrill Lynch D&I lead

Katie Jacobs, 13 Apr 2015

HR directors have a “critical” role to play in helping parents return to the workplace after time...

Four in five ambulance workers consider leaving due to stress

Jenny Roper, 10 Apr 2015

Four in five (82%) ambulance workers have considered leaving their jobs as a result of workplace stress,...

SMEs lack auto-enrolment confidence

Rebecca Gowler, 08 Apr 2015

UK SMEs lack confidence around pensions and pensions regulation, research from Barclays Corporate & Employer...

Helen Giles: Where's the evidence for performance-related pay?

Helen Giles, 08 Apr 2015

Evidence-based HR seems to be flavour of the year for debate within our profession. This is great as...

Employees plan to increase pensions contributions in light of freedoms

Rebecca Gowler, 08 Apr 2015

Two in five (39%) employees are planning to increase their pensions contributions in response to pensions...

Employees unclear of link between performance and pay

Rebecca Gowler, 07 Apr 2015

Many employees don’t understand how their salary links to their performance, a recent CIPD Employee...

Shared parental leave – time to prepare for changes

Tom Neil, 02 Apr 2015

If one of your employees is expecting a baby, or adopting a child, on or after the 5 April 2015, he or...

Shared parental leave stigma lessens

Rebecca Gowler, 01 Apr 2015

Over half (56%) of people say they would consider taking shared parental leave, a figure that rises to...

Motherhood pay gaps highlight inequality

Damian Grimshaw, 01 Apr 2015

Motherhood pay gaps are a global issue. New research from the International Labour Office (an UN body)...

Three in five don't know how much they have saved for retirement

Rebecca Gowler, 31 Mar 2015

Three in five (59%) people aged 65 and under with pension savings have no idea how much they have saved,...

UK salaries continue to rise, according to research

Sian Harrington, 30 Mar 2015

UK employers continue to offer above average salary increases compared to those in other larger European...

Calm employees make business sense

Michael Acton Smith, 27 Mar 2015

In the past, stress in the workplace has either been ignored or no-one knew how to deal with it. Thankfully,...

Wellbeing should be "at the heart" of employee benefits, says Samsung VPHR

Rebecca Gowler, 26 Mar 2015

Speaking at HR Tech Europe, Samsung Electronics UK VP HR Tess Smillie said that wellbeing “needs to...

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