Employee Benefits


Sainsbury’s increasing staff pay by 4%

Becky Frith, 27 Aug 2015

Sainsbury’s will award 137,000 of its 161,000 employees a pay increase of 4%, following pressure from...


Bonuses almost back to pre-downturn peaks

Becky Frith, 27 Aug 2015

Bonus payments are almost back to pre-downturn levels, according to figures from the Office for National...


Angry workers venting frustration at co-workers

Becky Frith, 26 Aug 2015

Nearly nine out of 10 (86%) workers regularly vent their anger and frustration at co-workers, according...

Beware the impact of IPT rises on medical insurance

Jenny Roper, 26 Aug 2015

Employers must recognise and prepare for the significant impact November’s insurance premium tax (IPT)...

The growing role of big data in reward strategies

Scott Beagrie, 25 Aug 2015

'Big data' presents both a challenge and an opportunity for reward.

Female managers 'work unpaid' for 1 hour 40 minutes per day

Becky Frith, 25 Aug 2015

Female managers are effectively working for free nearly two hours every day, according to research from...

96% of pension advisors do not believe pensions will be the same in 30 years

Becky Frith, 24 Aug 2015

Only 1 in 25 (4%) pensions advisers believe the state pension will be in its current form in 30 years,...

The new reward professional

Nick Martindale, 24 Aug 2015

The evolution of reward is bringing a new kind of professional to the fore.

The future of public sector HR

Jenny Roper, 18 Aug 2015

Although the public sector has weathered the storm of austerity measures, it's not out of the woods yet....

CEOs earn 183 times more than the average worker

Becky Frith, 17 Aug 2015

CEOs were paid approximately 183 times what the average UK worker earned in 2014, according to research...

Workers not using full holiday quota

Becky Frith, 14 Aug 2015

The average full-time worker only takes 22 days of their average 25 days allocated leave, according to...

Mortgages as an employee benefit

Nick Martindale, 14 Aug 2015

In an active job market, employee benefits are attraction and retention battlegrounds. As firms compete...

Stephen Bevan: Dementia should not be a barrier to work

Stephen Bevan , 13 Aug 2015

With a rapidly ageing workforce, health conditions such as dementia should not be a barrier to having...

Over-55s in pension scam warning

Becky Frith, 07 Aug 2015

Two in five Citizens Advice pensions staff have seen people repeatedly targeted by pension scams, according...

Tackling low pay mustn't limit opportunities for our future workforce

Chris Jones, 06 Aug 2015

Under-25s will not receive the national living wage, so could employers hire more young workers to keep...

Hot topic, part two: Mandatory living wage

Mark Beatson, 06 Aug 2015

In the first all-Tory budget since 1996, chancellor George Osborne declared that "Britain deserves a...

The impact of pension reforms for HR professionals

Fiona Matthews, 05 Aug 2015

The quality and extent of pension provision has always been an important factor for British workers when...

Hot topic: Mandatory living wage

Graham Salisbury, 05 Aug 2015

In the first all-Tory budget since 1996, chancellor George Osborne declared that "Britain deserves a...

Government launches financial advice review

Becky Frith, 05 Aug 2015

The government has launched a review into how financial advice is delivered to consumers.

Use intrinsic motivators to ensure compliance

Becky Frith, 04 Aug 2015

Rather than using sanctions to encourage compliant behaviour, companies should focus on intrinsic motivators...

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