Government to give life expectancy estimates with pensions advice

17 Apr 2014

Pensions minister Steve Webb has announced plans to give retirees rough estimates of their life expectancy...

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Dean Royles: being transparent about transparency

17 Apr 2014

Dean Royles, chief executive of NHS employers blogs about transparency in healthcare. Can HR embrace...

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'Passive' candidates perform better in new roles

17 Apr 2014

Passive candidates, those not proactively seeking to move jobs, outperform active candidates when hired,...

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Housing associations: why they are great places to work

16 Apr 2014

Housing associations are popular organisations to work for and are frequent recipients of people awards....

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David Fairhurst



Waltham Forest Council appoints new COO

15 Apr 2014

Althea Loderick is the new chief operating officer at Waltham Forest Council.


Ford Retail chooses Sharon Ashcroft as HR director

10 Jan 2014

Ford Retail, the world’s largest dedicated Ford dealership, has appointed Sharon...


Co-op appoints Inji Duducu as interim head of HR, corporate functions

09 Jan 2014

The Co-operative Group has hired Inji Duducu as its interim head of HR, corporate...


HR an 'undervalued' function, says outgoing ACAS chair

08 Jan 2014

Outgoing Acas chairman Ed Sweeney believes HR is not valued highly enough in business...


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Collective consultation: how the Woolworths case changed the law

Last post by Pascal Lotinggi
Comment: 1

This ruling would have repercussions particularly in commonwealth countries. Lawyers acting for employees...

Lucy Adams: ‘appraisals don’t work’

Last post by Kevin Williams
Comments: 14

From personal experience in four large UK organisations I agree with Lucy Adams. However, I can't fight...

Lucy Adams: ‘appraisals don’t work’

Last post by donald macdonald
Comments: 14

Who on earth is going to listen to Lucy Adams after her track record?. You dear should keep your head...

Lucy Adams: ‘appraisals don’t work’

Last post by Daniel Kitchener
Comments: 14

This is certainly music to the ears of anyone concerned with effective talent management. The traditional...

REC launches good recruitment campaign

Last post by Steve Othen
Comments: 2

Hi Sean, thank you for commenting on the article with regards to the GRC. This particular campaign is...

Lucy Adams: ‘appraisals don’t work’

Last post by Jon Ingham, Strategic HCM
Comments: 14

I agree it's a bit strange to see an ex HR Director make a conversion to the cause after rather than...

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