Sickness presenteeism negatively impacting businesses

04 Aug 2015

Almost half (48%) of UK workers went to work over the last year despite being ill, according to research...

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'Disruptive talent' offers business benefits

04 Aug 2015

Individuals who are brilliant but challenging could contribute strongly to businesses if engaged correctly,...

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Performance appraisals benefit self-promoting employees

04 Aug 2015

Performance appraisals favour self-promoting employees and unfairly underrate modest workers, according...

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Use intrinsic motivators to ensure compliance

04 Aug 2015

Rather than using sanctions to encourage compliant behaviour, companies should focus on intrinsic motivators...

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David Fairhurst



Development should be embedded into SMEs says CIPD

31 Jul 2015

SMEs should focus on ensuring development is embedded within their organisations,...


Mayer Brown appoints global chief human resources officer

05 Jun 2015

International law firm Mayer Brown has appointed Annette Sheridan to the newly-created...


NBCUniversal appoints chief legal and HR officer

22 May 2015

Media and entertainment company NBCUniversal has appointed Melanie Laithwaite to...


BT appoints Alison Wilcox as group HRD

18 May 2015

BT has appointed Alison Wilcox as its new group HR director.

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Glassdoor trusted more than employers

Last post by Tom Lakin
Comments: 2

Regarding adverse effects on employees, whether or not this is an issue is dependent on the specific...

HR must encourage open and honest dialogue about mental health

Last post by Jabbar Sardar
Comments: 2

Thanks for your comment Sara, and I am glad you enjoyed the article. In my opinion HR needs to approach...

Glassdoor trusted more than employers

Last post by Kishore Kumar
Comments: 2

what would be the impact on employees posting some content against an employer. how would be their identity...

Does the private sector believe that work-life balance is for wimps?

Last post by Rimjhim Jha
Comment: 1

Very nice article

Why HR needs its own SEAL Team Six

Last post by Frank Douglas
Comments: 3

Jennifer/Alan, Thanks for your comments. I agree the challenge for HR is to not just focus on processes...

Younger generation heading for 'wake-up call' at work

Last post by Mark McCormack
Comment: 1

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, evaluate and control your own emotions and to better...

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