One in five UK workers has chronic lifestyle-related illness

Hywel Roberts, 21 Jul 2014

Almost one in five (19%) British workers suffers from a chronic illness, including heart disease, diabetes...


Fitness First staff offered 'BioAge' tests

Hywel Roberts, 14 Jul 2014

Employees at Fitness First are to have their biological age tested as part of a campaign to increase...


Five wellbeing lessons Britain can learn from Sweden

Christopher Pederson, 24 Jun 2014

Christopher Pedersen, managing director of Convini Food Solutions, details the top five wellbeing initiatives/benefits...


Katie Jacobs, 04 Jun 2014

The importance of health and wellbeing benefits for employees

Health insurance

Katie Jacobs, 04 Jun 2014

An overview of who offer their employees private medical insurance

Health & wellbeing guide

HR Editorial, 02 Jun 2014

Companies today undeniably expect so much from their workforce, but none of these goals can be achieved...


Katie Jacobs, 02 Jun 2014

Eyes might be the window to the soul, but it turns out they are also the window to a host of more unpleasant...

iPhone friendly

Katie Jacobs, 30 May 2014

The growing number of free or practically free mobile apps available means keeping the workforce health-aware...

The Business of Health

Katie Jacobs, 30 May 2014

Duvet days and a home-from-home HQ designed by staff are just two of the ways the leaders of a pharmaceutical...

Link wellbeing with engagement to ease business buy-in, says report

Katie Jacobs, 29 May 2014

HR directors should explicitly link wellbeing with employee engagement in order to drive performance...

Financial concerns affect one in five employees, says Barclays

Hywel Roberts, 19 May 2014

One in five UK workers admit that worries about their personal finances affect their performance at work,...

Dean Royles: being transparent about transparency

Dean Royles, 17 Apr 2014

Dean Royles, chief executive of NHS employers blogs about transparency in healthcare. Can HR embrace...

Nearly half of health senior managers 'ineffective', claims CMI

Tom Newcombe, 05 Dec 2013

One in three managers working in health and social care are considered ineffective by their staff, according...

Exhaustion may have triggered epileptic fit of banking intern, inquest hears

Tom Newcombe, 25 Nov 2013

The death of an intern at Bank of America in the summer was caused by an epileptic fit, which may have...

Focus on ‘resilience’ to improve wellbeing, says Shell's health chief

Katie Jacobs, 14 Nov 2013

Organisations should focus on improving resilience rather than managing stress if they want to improve...

Workplace injuries hit record low

Tom Newcombe, 01 Nov 2013

There has been a significant drop in the number of employees killed or seriously injured at work in...

Personal health crisis looming in global banking, says study

Tom Newcombe, 17 Oct 2013

Fears of unemployment, rising pressure and psychological abuse are just some of the causes of a "personal...

Political parties urged to help workers with long-term conditions

Tom Newcombe, 27 Sep 2013

Professor Stephen Bevan, Fit for Work coalition chair, has called on political parties to commit to policies...

Send workers home when it gets too hot, say MPs

Tom Newcombe, 18 Jul 2013

Workers should be sent home if temperatures in the workplace reach 30C (86F) to help prevent potentially...

Sick leave costs UK employers £29 billion a year, says PwC

Tom Newcombe, 15 Jul 2013

Sick days are costing UK employers about £29 billion a year as British workers take up to four times...

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