Technology vs. wellbeing: what the future holds

Peter O’Donnell, 01 Jul 2015

A report commissioned by financial protection specialist Unum has revealed what the future workplace...


Nine lessons from the UK's healthiest workplaces

Peter Crush, 26 Jun 2015

Want to make your health and wellbeing strategy innovative and unique? Here's what some of the most forward-thinking...


How to use wearable technology for health and wellbeing

Rob Gray, 25 Jun 2015

HR is often accused of jumping on the 'fad wagon', but could wearable technology be here to stay? HR...

Military service undervalued by employers

Becky Frith, 25 Jun 2015

Military service is not given the respect it deserves in civilian employment, according to a study by...

Monitoring mental health in the workplace

Nick Martindale, 24 Jun 2015

There is growing interest among businesses in monitoring employees' mental health. But who is responsible...

Organisations not confident in wellbeing policies

Becky Frith, 23 Jun 2015

Only one in five (21%) organisations believe they have the correct wellbeing policy in place, according...

HR Most Influential Thinker to discuss building a business case for wellbeing

HR Editorial, 04 Jun 2015

Director of the Work Foundation’s Centre for Workforce Effectiveness Stephen Bevan will discuss how...

Engagement dips at austerity plan announcements

Jenny Roper, 03 Jun 2015

Austerity policies being announced leads to a drop in employee wellbeing, job satisfaction and engagement...

Three million people unable to work due to back pain

Katie Jacobs, 29 May 2015

Up to three million people are estimated to be on long-term sick leave or unable to work because of back...

Where next for engagement?

Rob Gray, 28 May 2015

As interest in employee engagement appears to wane, some are asking if it's still a relevant consideration...

Tax-efficient ways to get workers fighting fit

Andy Brookes , 26 May 2015

We all know that a healthier workforce is a more productive workforce. As well as generating a greater...

NHS urged to embrace ‘systems leadership’

Katie Jacobs, 21 May 2015

Healthcare charity The King’s Fund is urging the NHS to embrace ‘systems leadership’ as a way of...

Pixie McKenna: Addressing cancer in the workplace

Pixie McKenna, 13 May 2015

It's estimated there are now more than 700,000 people of working age living with cancer, making it an...

Building a business case for wellbeing

HR Editorial, 11 May 2015

Having a healthy and high performing workforce is vital to success in an increasingly competitive business...

Focus recruitment locally to attract older workers

Katie Jacobs, 08 May 2015

Employers need to rethink their recruitment and talent management practices to help older people stay...

Tailoring health and wellbeing initiatives very valuable

Jenny Roper, 30 Apr 2015

HR departments should seriously consider tailoring health and wellbeing strategies to the needs of their...

Gratton: Technology has seriously disrupted talent management

Jenny Roper, 29 Apr 2015

Technology has created serious “tension points” in talent management, professor of management practice...

Employees in the North-East most at risk of health problems

Katie Jacobs, 28 Apr 2015

Employees in the north-east of England are most at risk of health problems, with 31% of the workforce...

Standing desk study launched

Jenny Roper, 24 Apr 2015

The longest-running scientific experiment into standing desks to date has been launched by the University...

Four in five ambulance workers consider leaving due to stress

Jenny Roper, 10 Apr 2015

Four in five (82%) ambulance workers have considered leaving their jobs as a result of workplace stress,...

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