HR's must convince the CEO training matters


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A few weeks is all it takes to launch a cost-effective on-the-job staff development programme - but the challenge for HR is to convince the CEO that training does matter, according to one industry expert.

Speaking at the HR magazine People Strategy Forum, Chris Roebuck, founder of Transformation and ex-global head of talent at UBS, told delegates: "There is a direct link between staff development and higher performance, but for CEOs and line managers to buy into the idea it helps if they can see something in it for them."

Roebuck added: "HR can tell the CEO share value will increase with staff development for example, while the line managers can be shown how a well-functioning team can increase their own promotion prospects and aid an easier working life.

"Employers can start development programmes within a few weeks, for example, through mentoring schemes, so staff don't even have to be taken off the job."

He explained HR should seek out CEOs in other organisations supporting development strategies and use these as examples to convince their own CEO.

Roebuck said: "Employers want to bring more talent into their organisation. Development should be facilitated by line managers with solid support from HR, as part of a clearly defined business strategy. Staff are at the front line [of business] and HR should be putting the basic components every day to put in place and develop the leaders of the future."


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